Ecos3 Organic Fabric Softener (30 Washes)

With its herbal content, it neutralizes the cleaner and detergent residues and purifies the laundry. It has a special formula with herbal ingredients that do not harm nature and humans. It does not wear out the texture of the laundry, thus extending the life of the clothes. It loosens and softens the laundry fibers, thus reducing wrinkles and facilitating the ironing process. Prevents static electricity in laundry. The scaled lid makes it easy to use. Its long-lasting fragrance is effective for a long time.


Ingredient List: Aqua, %5-15 Non-ionic Surface-Active Matter, *Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Parfum, Preservative. (* Organic)


How to use: In automatic machines, add 1-1.5 caps (20-30m1) to the softener compartment. In normal machines, 1–15 cap (20–30 ml) is added to the last rinse water. In hand washing, a half cap (10 ml) is added to the last rinse water for every 10 liters. If an intense fragrance is desired, more can be used.

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