Ecos3 for a cleaning that respects humanity, nature, the future, and the world…


ECOS3 products are subject to inspection by ICEA under the criteria of sustainable and certified organic raw materials; minimum 95% natural origin content, Dermatological Test for products in contact with the skin, label information that does not mislead the consumer, GMO-free content; not exposed to ionizing radiation; not tested on animals; recyclable or reusable packaging.


ICEA – ITALY Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification

Ecos3 products are ICEA Certified, natural and organic.
Ecos3 products never contain ingredients harmful to health.

PeTA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is the world’s largest animal rights organization, based in Virginia, USA, with nearly two million members and supporters. Vegan & Cruelty Free Ecos3 products and all raw materials used in the products are not tested on animals.

A dermatological test is a test performed on volunteers to evaluate the irritation potential of a cosmetic product in accordance with ethical principles for medical research on human subjects.

Ecos3 products in contact with the skin have been dermatologically tested.


It is an internationally recognized standard that ensures high quality and legal production in the fields of food, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, medical and cosmetics.


It is a certificate that guarantees that all processes of the product, starting from the raw material to the finished product stage, comply with Islamic principles.

ISO 14001

It is a standard that aims to minimize damage to the environment and nature. It is based on monitoring and continuous improvement of environmental impact.


It is the standard that defines the requirements for the establishment and implementation of the Quality Management System and forms the basis for certification.

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