Ecos3 Natural Bleach (1000 ml)

It is an environmentally friendly product that you can use on all wipeable surfaces where hygiene is needed such as toilets, bathrooms, sinks, kitchen surfaces, laundry, etc. It is used to remove stains and provide hygiene in environments. Provides effective cleaning with its strong structure. Does not contain bleach.


Ingredient List: Deionized water, <5% Nnonionic Active Substance, <5% Alkali, Phenethyl Alcohol, Ethylhexyl Glycerin, Perfume, **Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Limonene (* Organic)


How to use: With its strong formula, it is poured into the bathroom, toilet bowl, sink holes and the surfaces are wiped and rinsed after waiting 4-5 minutes. Odor and stains in the environment are removed and hygiene is provided. To clean and hygiene surfaces, 60 ml (1 tea glass) is added to 5 liters of water and wiped. Kitchen cloths, sponges, yellowed spoons, cups, and glasses are pressed into water with Ecos3 Natural Bleach and both cleaning and hygiene are provided. Suitable for hand and machine use for laundry. To whiten white laundry, add 60 ml (1 tea glass) Ecos3 Natural Bleach to 5 liters of water and wash.


How to use in the washing machine; To get the best results for white clothes, use the product in the pre-wash program of your washing machine without adding detergent. Pour 100 ml of the product into the pre-wash compartment while your washing machine is filling with water.


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